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How To Do October Dump On Instagram


October Dump is a part of the ‘Add Yours’ trend which has been in the news for quite some time. In this fashion, people put a picture of themselves on their Instagram stories with a caption. Then, they ask others to upload their photos with the same caption. Recently, the caption that’s been trending is ‘October Dump’.

The users who are using the ‘October Dump’ caption upload high-quality pictures that they snapped during October’s month. It can range from photos with crazy filters to Halloween parties. In other words, anything that you took part in during October can become an element of the October Dump Instagram account. Sounds fun, right? So, keep reading to know how to do an October dump on Instagram!


The popular ‘October Dump trend involves users posting a collection of photos that were uploaded throughout the month of Oct and uploaded to an Instagram Story.

This could be pictures from Halloween, warm nights in, trips to the shops with friends, or a walk in the countryside of autumn. Whatever you did in October, it is possible to show it off to everyone else in this trend.

After you’ve selected the images, you upload them on your Story using a shared Instagram sticker that says the words “Your October Dump in order to indicate that you’re participating in this particular trend.

How To Do October Dump On Instagram

If you’d like to get into the trend, just look up the person called JypsyFix. On this profile, click on the Instagram Stories bubble and locate “Your October Dump.’ Once you select Add Yours, you will have access to the sticker after you add it to your story.

If you’ve got other ideas for photos that you’d like to share with your acquaintances, you can create your own sticker, too. Just select to use the Add Yours sticker as you make a new story, and then write the caption that you like. The prompts can trigger amusing memories, show off your best photography or even support a cause. One Add Yours prompt planted trees for each pet photo that was added. You can check out the responses to your prompt by returning to your story, and then tapping the sticker.

If you find that the Add Yours feature does not work There are a myriad possibilities to solve this. First, try closing and re-opening Instagram. If that doesn’t work, check to ensure that Instagram has been updated to the most recent version. If you’re still not having success, look at whether the feature has been rolled out in your area.


If you’re interested in starting your own shared sticker trend It’s really simple.

All you have to do is create an Instagram Story. Then, visit the stickers tab and select the one that says “Add Yours’, which is on the right side of the screen.

The sticker will prompt you to compose a caption. The most popular stickers so far are ‘who are you in love with’ as well as ‘your favorite sunset’.

The potential is endless. So get inventive!



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